The Macedonian government requires every Employer for each project to engage a Project Supervisor. Urban Steel Engineering has the required Supervision certificate A, ensures the Employer can meet the State regulations regarding the construction works.  The major contributions of the Project Supervisor to the project are:

Investment control

ensures the Employer can meet the stated investment objectives within reasonable limits

Program control




ensures the project program is reasonably set and makes periodic checks on the project progress, also ensures remedial actions are taken in event of project slippage

Quality assurance


ensures that the project is completed to stated quality standards

Safety assurance


ensures that the project is undertaken in a safe manner

Contract administration


ensures that the contractual terms for all concerned parties are properly discharged

Data management



ensures a complete set of pertinent data is collected, collated, stored and made available to all relevant parties
Project organization and coordination ensures all parties can work in a coherent, efficient and effective manner


Our team collect supervision experience from many important projects, involving the provision of special engineering input in the land slides, roads, wastewater treatment, water supply and buildings in the name of public institutions, municipalities and private sector, Clients like:

- Ministry of Local Self Government of RM

- Ministry of Transport and Communication of RM

- Ministry of Interior Affairs of RM

- CARDS Programme Projects financed by the EU

- NATO Projects

- Municipalities in the RM

- Private Investors