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Scanderbeg Square – Stage 2

Public, Bridges, Consulting
Project, Completed
Skopje, Macedonia
6.500 sq.m.
Municipality of Chair, Government of RM
In 2014, our company received a tender for the development of a basic Design for the construction of an pedestrian crossing bridge – SKENDERBEG SQUARE – PHASE 2. The Design was developed by our architects and engineers, in cooperation with the architects of the conceptual design, Betim Zeqiri, Bekir Ademi and Besian Mehmeti. With this project, the second phase is being developed, which, apart from an infrastructural function (covering an underground boulevard), also represents a logical connective tissue between mechanically separated parts of the central city area. The underground plateau – the road Blvd. Gotse Delchev fully retains his current position. By covering the boulevard, an upper plateau is obtained, an area intended for a public space-square through which the old Skopje bazaar, as a historical core, and the strict center of the city as a contemporary reality are connected.
The square is designed exclusively for pedestrian traffic and has no other accompanying contents. It can accommodate various gatherings, manifestations and cultural events. It is equipped with urban equipment: places for rest, a fountain in the form of a waterfall, a sink for drinking water, candelabra for illumination and a pergola for shading. Most of the surface (80%) is planned to be paved, while the rest of the surface (20%) is intended for low semi-intensive greenery. During the design, the following phases were done: architecture, structures, geology, plumbing and sewage, HVAC mechanical engineering, electricity, traffic elaborate, work safety measures, fire protection, IZIIS seismology, and special attention was paid to the use of new energy-efficient materials and technologies in the field of construction.