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Energy, Consulting
Design, Design Audit, Supervision
Installed Capacity:
95 MW (10 years period)
Private and Public Owned
Our Company is providing audit and consultancy services for Investors/Employers/Banks, covering design review of the EPC contractor’s documentation, construction supervision and general project management of the Photovoltaic power plant construction, throughout the project implementation process and thereafter during the defect’s liability period.
  1. Scope of activities for AUDIT Services
We will be responsible for all below noted AUDIT processes and activities of the previously selected EPC contractor, as following:
  1. Responsible for reviewing and approving the EPC contractor’s working drawings;
  2. Monitoring the activities of the preparation, reviewing and approving of the EPC contractor’s BASIC DESIGN;
  3. Monitoring the activities of the preparation, reviewing and approving of the EPC contractor’s Detail design;
  4. Electronic mediation for the issuance of a constructional operations permit in the municipality or/and relevant ministries;
  5. Monitoring the activities of the EPC contractor’s Issuance of “as built” documents;
  6. Monitoring the activities of the EPC contractor’s Issuance of Performance and production warranty;
  1. Scope of activities for CONSULTING Services
Our CONSULTING Services of the previously selected EPC Contractor should be as following:
  1. Project Implementation of PV power plant construction in accordance with national regulations and relevant licenses;
  2. Providing the methodology and work plan;
  3. Commissioning and start-up;
  4. Supervising the civil works for adaptation of the land, according to the Elaborate of performed Geomechanically test of a location provided for construction of PV plant;
  5. Supervising the civil works and ensuring compliance with the engineering design, technical specifications, safety standards, environmental protection measures and social safeguards;
  6. Evaluation of whether the equipment procured by the EPC contractor are in line with the basic design and the optimum Photovoltaic power plant capacity to be installed;
  7. Monitoring and approving the activities for purchasing of equipment and material (i.e. panels, inverters, substations, cables etc.);
  8. Supervising the installation of equipment;
  9. Delivering separate reports for each specified phase of the construction of the Photovoltaic power plant, which will confirm that all the planned activities of the EPC contractor have been performed in accordance with legal norms and standards determined by the agreement between the Investor and the EPC contractor;
  10. Delivering a final report for a technical review performed by a supervising engineer that will precede the Provisional Acceptance, in accordance with the provisions of the local Legislation;
  11. Monitoring the activities of the EPC contractor’s personnel training;
  12. Monitoring the activities of the EPC contractor’s Maintenance of the plant;
  1. Special CONSULTING Services for Bank Loan monitoring
  1. Analysis of construction-technical documentation;
  2. Analysis of business plan and total investment costs (detailed analysis of the business plan, total CAPEX analysis and financial cash flows, total investment costs analysis per categories and phases);
  3. Analysis of the Dynamic plan;
  4. Fulfilling conditions according to Law on construction and EVN procedure;
  5. Preparation of zero state report;
  6. Monitor the construction works on site, Detection of possible critical points and construction control and control of the dynamic plan;
  7. Analysis and control of construction books and construction log;
  8. Analysis and monitoring of financial cash flows;
  9. Documenting and reporting to the Bank for all activities made on the project;
  10. Confirmation of the interim payment certificates/invoices/pro-forma invoices made/to be made in the following period since disbursement of the loan will be done in accordance with the approval of aforementioned documents;
  11. Confirmation that all licenses, permits and authorizations are valid;
  12. Confirmation when COD (commercial operation date) has been reached;
  13. Preparation of a project progress report.