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Stadium Biljanini Izvori in Ohrid
Public, Interiors, Consulting
Project, Completed
Ohrid, Macedonia
1.681 sq.m.
Football Federation of Macedonia - FFM
In 2019, our company prepared Design Documentation – Basic Design for the Tribune facility at Biljanini Izvori Stadium in Ohrid. The design was made by our architects and engineers according to the strict rules and standards of UEFA, with a solution for a newly planned tribune with a total capacity of 1478 spectators, of which 1302 standard fixed seats, 154 folding seats, 16 seats for VIP visitors provided in a special sector and 6 places for people with disabilities.
During the design, the following phases were done: architecture, structures, geology, plumbing and sewage, HVAC mechanical engineering, electricity, traffic elaborate, work safety measures, fire protection, IZIIS seismology, and special attention was paid to the use of new energy-efficient materials and technologies in the field of construction.